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Human Design Ephemeris
The calendar for the Human Design System

The Human Design World Ephemeris shows the most accurate way to to follow the general movement of the planets on a daily basis - and to see how they interact with your design. There exist 2 versions of the Human Design Ephemeris:

  • The Personal Ephemeris
  • The Common World Ephemeris
The Personal Ephemeris

The Personal Human Design Ephemeris shows all Charts where the transit planets cause a change of your personal bodygraph.

The ephemeris exists as online version (Adobe PDF format) and as print edition

The Common World Ephemeris

The common Human Design World Ephemeris shows a chart for each day (at 0:00 GMT). The bodygraphs are showing the definition of this days. Comparing an individual Human Design Chart with the daily program, you see changes that affect each particular chart in its unique way.

The Ephemeris exists as online version (2002 - 2024) in the Adobe PDF format and as an edition (2004 - 2017) as a clear reference book.