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Neutrinos Through Windows Menü
Neutrinos Through Windows Incarnation Module
This module is for HDS analysts who require detailed information about Colors, Tones und Bases of the Global Incarnation Index.
View Incarnation Index Cross in two variants. Previous and next cross immediately accessable in the neighbour tabs.
Printout Incarnation Index Mandala in two variants
Viewing and printout of Colors, Tones and Bases for all planets and cusps. (To view the cusp data you need the  Astro Module)
Integrated View of Variables NTW 4.0
Viewing the planet and house data on the hundredths second exactly (ie 9° 03' 56,66")

 Incarnation Index Madala
 Incarnation Index Chart
Neutrinos Through Windows  Modules
All modules in overview
Starting with the  Bronze Edition additional Neutrinos modules may be integrated. This further extends Neutrinos' capabilities into areas of specialized interests that also meet the requirements of certain target groups.