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Neutrinos Through Windows is since 1993 the standard program for anyone who wants to deal with the Human Design System. Based of its large scope you can find your preferred functions to suit your own personal needs.

The basic functions and information are completely free of charge!
Neutrinos Through Windows
Neutrinos Through Windows offers access to all the possibilities inherent in the Human Design System. Because of its large scope and because it works with so many aspects of Design, it is broken into different modules and version levels. This enables everyone to select the specific Neutrinos modules that suit his/her own personal needs.
You can download here the complete program or update your already installed program.
The calendar for the Human Design System
The Human Design World Ephemeris shows the most accurate way to to follow the general movement of the planets on a daily basis - and to see how they interact with your design. There exist 2 versions of the Human Design Ephemeris: