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Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0 Menü
The Student Version is the funded version of the  Noble Edition for HDS students. It is equivalent in content to the Noble Edition, which builds on the  Bronze Edition and includes various portions of higher versions.
If the cost of the Noble Edition is too high at the beginning of the training, an HDS student can opt for the Student Version, which means paying half of the Noble Edition at the beginning and the other half at the end of the training.
The Student Version is thus the Noble Edition during the training period. An indispensable prerequisite for this is proof of a Human Design teacher.
However, this type of credit is only available for a maximum of 2 years. This means that after the exam or after 2 years at the latest, the Noble Edition or another edition must be licensed (for the difference price between the Student Version and the e.g. Noble Edition). Otherwise the Student Version would automatically fall back to the gratis Free Version.
In case someone demonstrably does not successfully complete the training, he may keep the Noble Edition. An obligatory requirement for this is also the proof of the teacher.
The "student discount" is only available for the Noble Edition.
All features of the  Bronze Edition
Printout 3 charts on one page (for standard charts, composites, transits) like in the  Gold Edition
I Ching Overview (common + context) like in the  Silver Edition
Composite Charts like in the  Silver Edition
Transit Charts like in the  Silver Edition
BirthDay View like in the  Gold Edition
Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0  Modules
All four versions in overview
Neutrinos 4.0 is available in different  editions. As you go down the list, each level expands the capabilities of the one above it one, providing you more comfort, flexibility and possibilty.