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Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0 Menü
What's new in Version 4.0?
New features in Neutrinos Through Windows
Besides new modules, many features have been enhanced together with improved handling and printouts of Neutrinos Through Windows. In addition, the 6 Versions from Pocket Version to Professional Version were merged to 3 Editions:
The topics in detail:
Improved management functionality
New optional Welcome Dialog
  NTW 4.0
Cross-searching in all folders
  NTW 4.0
Enhanced configurable folder columns:
Type, Authority, Definition, Profile, Incarnation Cross
with  PHS Module: Variable, Determination, Environment, Motivation, View/Perspective, Cognition, Sense
  NTW 4.0
Quick preview of the chart and its main data directly in a folder
  NTW 4.0
Comfortable Chart and Folder management with drag and drop support
Register view (shortcut bar for all open windows)
Navigation panel (adjustable navigation explorer for quick access to charts, folders and documents)
  NTW 4.0
Improved import for MMI export files and neutrinos databases
  NTW 4.0
Convenient and clearly arranged direct access to the chart and information presentation
  NTW 4.0
Easy Composite creation using open charts via the chart context menu
  NTW 4.0
Charts can be opened independently of the related folder
New  PHS Module for the Primary Health System with Magic Square (Advanced planet database view with information from the substructures ("Beyond the Line")), built-in variable display and overview of variables and substructures
  NTW 4.0
Other new and enhanced functions and contents
Display of the Variable (Left and Right values of the Sun / Earth and the Lunar Node axes, eg: PLL - DRR)
Integrated View of Variables NTW 4.0. Here, the Left / Right values of the Sun / Earth and the Lunar Nodes axes are visually detectable immediately in their corresponding glyphs
New frame layout of printouts (switchable between new and previous layout)
  NTW 4.0
Different Chart Layouts (Standard, Human Design Life Chart and by Nicola Richter)
Definition based color system of the Centers (each definition one color)
  NTW 4.0NTW 4.0NTW 4.0
Transit Watch (Astro Watch, based on any chart) Included with  Silver Edition
  NTW 4.0
Structured enhancement of Information in the Info Center and Information windows with interactive and hyperlink functions
  NTW 4.0 NTW 4.0
New Information:
Line profile with summary statistics
NTW 4.0
NTW 4.0
Planet substructures
NTW 4.0
Revised representation of the Family Penta Chart in  Composite Module
  NTW 4.0
Extension of functions in the  Designer Module
  NTW 4.0
Twelve-Color System of the zodiac signs in the  Unified Life Sciences Module
  NTW 4.0
Option to reset all settings to their default values
Chart title is displayed in the print job from Windows
Activation and Licensing
The licensing of Neutrinos Through Windows is now managed by its own licensing server. You just need your personal New SunWare ID and password from your personal  New SunWare Account which you'll receive by first accessing the software.

  NTW 4.0