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Free Human Design Chart FAQ
Frequently asked questions
What if I don't know the time of birth?
The birth time is very important. If you aren't sure, try to track it down through parents, hospital, etc. The more accurate the better.
While a Design can change dramatically within just a minute, the definitions in a chart can remain the same throughout the day, even though positions like the Moon or Mercury change. In these instances, the chart looks the same and so a good grasp of the Design is possible, even though some detail is lacking.
My chart was not sent
Normally the chart will be generated and sent within 10 minutes. Remarks and/or unresolveable cities I have to handle manually. In this cases the process can be slow down until 2-4 days, depending on my work.
The most common reason for missing emails will be your anti spam settings of your email program or email provider. Please include the email adresses of New SunWare in your anti spam filter.
The following addresses will be used: and, for manually generated messages or Please replace the expression AT with this char: @.
The email attachmant seems not to exist
At first: The chart itself will be sent as attachment. You can be sure that the chart is always sent. This works automatically so it can not be forgotten.
If you can't find an attachment you will find the cause in the security settings of your email program, email provider or your computer.