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Date Time Zone
Information about the time and zone inputs in Neutrinos
With or without time zone?
In Neutrinos, the time is normally entered in local time. That is, the time that was displayed on the clock in the room at birth.
Now, of course, at a given time in most countries different times are displayed on the wall clock or watch. To make these local times comparable, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was introduced in 1884 as World Time. From 1972 it was replaced by the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Colloquially GMT is still frequently used and so also historically in Neutrinos
Those countries and areas which have the same time difference between local time and world time use the same time zone. The German-speaking area, for example, uses Central European Time (CET), the American-speaking area mainly uses Eastern Standard Time (EST) to Pacific Standard Time (PST).
The time zone thus corresponds to the relative hour distance to GMT or UT and depends on the location and the date or time.
In Neutrinos you have two possibilities
  1. Automatic Places and Time Zone Automation
    This is the default option.
  2. Manually via the option "Calculate time in GMT".
Deselect the checkbox "Calculate time in GMT". This will use the automatic locations and time zones and assume that the time entry was entered as local time.
The current time zone is displayed above the time field.
Below the time field, on the other hand, the corresponding time is displayed in GMT or UT.
"Calculate time in GMT"
Enable this option if you do not need location and time zone automation and want to enter all time information in GMT or UT.
If this option is enabled, the location information tab will not be displayed.
When switching this option, the time is not changed. Only the time zone reference is adjusted.
Chart comparisons
When comparing charts, always take into account the time zone reference and compare the time given in GMT or UT.
In Neutrinos, the time zone difference of the hours behind the time is always displayed. For example "21:12:14 MET/S (GMT+02:00)".
In GMT or UT this would be for example "19:12:14 UT".
So positive values, such as +02:00, are subtracted from the local time, while negative ones, such as -08:00, are added to the local time to get the world time.
Neutrinos or New SunWare cannot guarantee the correctness of the automatically determined time zone.