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Common Human Design Ephemeris
Your schedule for the Human Design System
The common Human Design World Ephemeris shows the most accurate daily program information. This Ephemeris enables you to follow the general movement of the planets daily. Comparing an individual Human Design Chart with the daily program, you see changes that affect each particular chart in its unique way. Additional you get in the printed version overview tables to see the movement of the planets over the next 5 years..
The Ephemeris exists as Ephemeris as PDF file (2002 - 2024) in the Adobe PDF format and as an Ephemeris as Book (2004 - 2017) as a clear reference book.
The online edition
The online version is in Adobe pdf format and can be looked at and printed out with the free Adobe Reader. The colored diagrams, as well as the tables, can be scaled to any size.
NEW:    The online ephemeris is available from 2022 with two different graphic layouts and for 11 different time zones.

Two different layouts as far as the graphical overview is concerned:

  • the standard version without color highlighting
  • the new "Highlight" version, which on the one hand
    • highlights added gate changes
      and on the other hand
    • single definition groups
      in color.
Full view of the graphic part

Available time zones:

  • Hawaii (HST UTC -10,0)
  • Alaska (AST UTC -9,0)
  • Pacific (PST UTC -8,0)
  • Mountain (MST UTC -7,0)
  • Central (CST UTC -6,0)
  • Eastern (EST UTC -5,0)
  • UTC (GMT UTC ±0,0)
  • Europe (CET UTC +1,0)
  • Moscow (MSK UTC +3,0)
  • India (IST UTC +5,5)
  • China (CST UTC +8,0)

Until 2021, the online ephemeris is available as Europe and USA edition. The Europe edition refers to Greenwhich-Meantime and the USA edition refers to 10h West (HST).

The file will be provided online for the download
The print edition (2004 - 2017)
The high-quality digital black/white print with durable wire binding costs between 15 and 40 Euro or between 16 and 48 US-Dollar plus 7% VAT for EU-countries plus 6,00 € shipping costs.