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Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0 Menü
All features of the lower level Version and other prior Versions, Plus
Period 1900 to 2028
Register view (shortcut bar for all open windows)
Folder columns sortable (e.g. by name or date)
Quick change function to appropriate Charts, Information and Folders
Indication of fixations
Different Chart Layouts (Standard, Human Design Life Chart and by Nicola Richter)
Chart Printout with place and coordinates
Information windows:
Human Design I Ching (without printout)
Overview information (Conditioning Theme, Mode, Defintion Type, defined channels, awareness and circuits)
Planet data
Calculation data
Astro Watch (representation and possibilities such as Chart windows)
AAF Clipboard function for Charts and Folders
Extended representation of Charts and Information in 3 definable register tabs
Chart view:
Isolated representation of the Design and Personality parts as well as appropriate Harmonics (display undef. Channels)
Base outline and all tabular representable information of the information windows
Mouse context sensitive display of the Human Design I Ching texts
Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0  Modules
All four versions in overview
Neutrinos 4.0 is available in different  editions. As you go down the list, each level expands the capabilities of the one above it one, providing you more comfort, flexibility and possibilty.