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Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0 Menü
All features of the lower level Version and other prior Versions, Plus
Period -5000 to 3000
Calculation as Radix, Personality and Design Chart
Solar (return of the sun)
(all other returns/cycle charts can be found in the  Return Module)
Printout 3 charts on one page (for composites, transits, solar returns)
Integrated View of Variables NTW 4.0
Also in  Incarnation Module and  PHS Module
Extended overview information (fixation topics)
Transit ephemeris with Design data
Function for temporally neighboring Charts (for uncertain times of birth)
View and printout of  Chiron information (otherwise only in Astro Module)
Calculation and printing directly from input data dialog (without intermediate display)
Adjustable printer colors for Centers
Adjustable background pictures for Charts at the display
Optional Password for individual Folders
Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0  Modules
All four versions in overview
Neutrinos 4.0 is available in different  editions. As you go down the list, each level expands the capabilities of the one above it one, providing you more comfort, flexibility and possibilty.