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Neutrinos Through Windows Menü
Neutrinos Through Windows Return Module
This module is for HDS and MDS / ULS students and analysts who require or are interested in information about Returns (Cycle Charts). Cycle Charts are based on the return-time of a planet when its ecliptic position is equal to the position at the time of birth.
NTW allows Quick and Easy creation of Returns and Opposite Charts for all planets:
  • Solar (Sun Return)
  • Lunar (Moon Return)
  • Mercury Return
  • Venus Return
  • Mars Return
  • Jupiter Return
  • Saturn Return
  • Neptune Return
  • Uranus Return
  • Pluto Return
  •  Chiron Return
  • True Node Return
  • Mean Node Return
    (only in  Astro Module)
  • Lilith Return
    (only in  Astro Module)
It is easy and comfortable to change Returns by using the Time Panel (menu View)
Time Panel
A chronological list of all relevant returns and of the Uranus opposition is in the InfoCenter
Return information in the InfoCenter
View and Print out Return Overviews for all planets. NTW uses a time range for returns of 150 years; it gives an option of 100 Returns for each respective planet within that 150 year period, i.e., if the program finds more than 100 events related to a given planet it gives you the option of 100 of the events
Return Overview
Get Return Printouts (3 Charts on a Page). You can print returns with the source Chart for each Chart used in the Return along with the Composite Return.

 Return Dialogue
 Return Printout
Return Overview Printout
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Starting with the  Bronze Edition additional Neutrinos modules may be integrated. This further extends Neutrinos' capabilities into areas of specialized interests that also meet the requirements of certain target groups.