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Neutrinos Through Windows Unified Life Sciences Module
This module is for experienced HDS analysts who want to work with the extraordinary methods of Unified Life Sciences. These Designs have their own calculations and offer additional bodygraphs, like the normal Design. Together, both provide more substantial, comprehensive and deeply insightful views.
Run multi dimensional layers of the body graph to show shifts (using four calculation times) in functional consciousness. You can view the different auric layers of the energy field in four worlds of consciousness: the world of earth, the world of archetypes, the world of inspiration, and the biological world of form.
View the Body Graphs in a two formats that show the Hexagrams in the body graph with their upper and lower trigrams color coded astrologically.
Enter data for a chart once and get all views printed out.
Look at the postnatal conditioning field, the field of early experience as it emerges development ally in all views.
Print all calculation views individually.
Access and use the Biological Design.
Work with the Prenatal Design.
Option to include the  Chiron into original Design bodygraph

  Multi Dimensional Design Charts
  Multi Dimensional Design Charts
  Multi Dimensional Design Charts
Neutrinos Through Windows  Modules
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Starting with the  Bronze Edition additional Neutrinos modules may be integrated. This further extends Neutrinos' capabilities into areas of specialized interests that also meet the requirements of certain target groups.