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Neutrinos Through Windows Menü
Neutrinos Through Windows Astro Module
This module is for HDS analysts with a background in astrology, who require an additional Horoscope view or, for example miss the cusps, which are not used in Human Design System.
View and printout of  Chiron information (also in the Professional Version)
Access to Declinations
Permeated throughout with information regarding cusps
Horoskope view with or without body diagram, with Hexagrams or amino acids or Codons
Horoskope view adjustable (with/without houses, AC/Aries point left)
9 different house systems
Information window: Cusp information

Chart in the Horoskope wheel
Neutrinos Through Windows  Modules
All modules in overview
Starting with the  Bronze Edition additional Neutrinos modules may be integrated. This further extends Neutrinos' capabilities into areas of specialized interests that also meet the requirements of certain target groups.