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Neutrinos Update Prices
All prices are, if not differently indicated, as net prices. For EU countries, the legal VAT of 19% (or 16% between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020) is added to this.
Update prices within the version:
Update prices (e.g. from Bronze Edition 4.0 to Gold Edition 4.0) cost the difference between both versions. (see also price list for New Purchase)
Overview of the Human Design Program
Neutrinos is available in both different version and different module levels. Each version level builds on the lower capability level, bringing you more convenience and possibilities. Once you have reached the Bronze Edition Level, you may begin to add and integrate the specific Modules. This further extends Neutrinos' capabilities into areas of specialized interests that also meet the requirements of certain target groups.
Versions, Editions and Modules Analyst Module Astro Module BG5 Module Composite Module Designer Module Incarnation Module Mammalian Module Return Module Unified Life Sciences Module Gold Edition Silver Edition Bronze Edition Free Human Design Windows Version Noble Edition
Click on an area to directly display the respective Version, Edition or Module
In addition, Neutrinos Through Windows offers individual overview analyses and reports in all version levels, including the Free Human Design Windows version. They are all independent of the 'Neutrinos Through Windows' pricing model, which means that the prices for the paid versions are set by and benefit the respective authors.