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Neutrinos Through Windows Menü
All features of the lower level Version and other prior Versions, Plus
History function with input data (input data buffers)
Calculation of:
Composite Charts
Transit Charts
Charts on base of Design input data
Astro Watch (representation and possibilities such as Chart windows)
Chart information adjustable
Selection of different Overview data for a Chart Printout
Information window (also in the InfoCenter):
Human Design I Ching (with outline printout for personal use)
Tabular and grafical information about circuits
extended overview information (profile, fixations and partner fixations, type, authority)
Transit ephemeris (interval freely definably)
Neutrinos Through Windows 3.x Versions
All versions in overview
Neutrinos 3.x was available in different version levels. As you go down the list, each level expands the capabilities of the one above it one, providing you more comfort, flexibility and possibilty.