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Neutrinos Through Windows 4.0 Menü
30 Jahre
Neutrinos Through Windows!

Since 1993: Neutrinos Through Windows is the only tool that works effectively with the  Human Design System.

Overview of the Human Design Program
Neutrinos is available in both different version and different module levels. Each version level builds on the lower capability level, bringing you more convenience and possibilities. Once you have reached the Bronze Edition Level, you may begin to add and integrate the specific Modules. This further extends Neutrinos' capabilities into areas of specialized interests that also meet the requirements of certain target groups.
Versions, Editions and Modules Analyst Module Astro Module BG5 Module Composite Module Designer Module Incarnation Module Mammalian Module Return Module Unified Life Sciences Module Gold Edition Silver Edition Bronze Edition Free Human Design Windows Version Noble Edition
Click on an area to directly display the respective Version, Edition or Module
The basic structure of the version and module variety in Neutrinos is reflected in the fact that the editions represent version levels, which prepare both the comfort and the extent of the information preparation in different degrees. The higher the version/edition, the more detailed and convenient the HDS information.
A special edition is the  Noble Edition, which represents a kind of mixture or alloy of all three basic versions (bronze, silver, gold) quasi as a noble or precious metal.
The Modules are all optional special themes that can be added to an edition, so they are all independent and separate from a version level or edition. That is, no module is included in any edition.
A higher edition/version may include some of the modules, such as the Chiron in the Gold Edition from the Astro, Return or Unified Life Sciences Module. Or the Solar from the Return Module.
But never the complete content of a module.
Available languages in Neutrinos
Neutrinos Through Windows can be used in the following languages:
System requirements
Neutrinos Through Windows is a software program that runs on Microsoft Windows (Windows XP up to and including Windows 11) only
On a Mac you can install Windows in a PC-Emulation like i.e. Parallels, Virtual PC, Fusion etc. or as a parallel installation via Bootcamp
The basic version  Free Human Design Windows Version is completely free and requires only an individual activation.
For all other  version levels (Bronze to Gold Edition an uncomplicated personal license is required that is managed through a own licensing server with individual customer account.
You can use the license for 3 different computers which you use for yourself only. Starting with the Bronze Edition, you can activate additional computers. Each additional computer activation costs 10% of the current license.
Neutrinos runs offline, but needs a short-term internet connection for activation and at least every 14 days. An offline license without a partial internet connection costs an additional 50% of the total license.
With a new  New SunWare ID all the functions of the different versions of Neutrinos Through Windows are available for two weeks.
During this time, you can select any of the versions and modules you want to use each time you start the Neutrinos program!
You can easily form an impression of the scope of the various versions and modules.
After this time an Edition/Version (except the  Free Human Design Windows Version) is only accessible with an individual license. Internet access is required for licensing.